Xav Laumonier

I craft web experiences.

Hi, I'm Xav Laumonier, consultant and advisor for web startups in France and San Francisco. I'm a proud father of one great kid, and definitely a science fiction aficionado. I'm also on my way to entrepreneurship.

As an advisor, I help web startups to succeed in their journey. I have the great opportunity today to be advisor of two awesome startups: News On Demand, a mobile app that delivers content tailored to the user's attention span in order to increase the quality of time spent with news, and NextUser, where we build a user-centric marketing automation platform, that delivers automated multi-channel user experiences that are relevant and timely.

As a consultant, my job is to act as a bridge between the vision, the technology, and the humans — it's about strategy, marketing, architecture, vizualisation, UX, development, management and more. My experiences as CTO and startup co-founder led me to have a clear understanding of the web ecosystem from a lot of different point of views. I built web products with companies from France, Russia, and the United States, with teams all over the world.

One of my main interest is to build a vision, both strategic and technologic, of the future of news media. On-demand print services, graph databases, real-time processing and visualization of news data, better use of new marketing tools, newsrooms reorganization, are all topics that I consider to be part of the future of news. Back a few years ago I created the World Herald Map mashup, that is still quite unique of its kind. I'm currently planning new projects, so ping me if you want to join.

I regularly tweet about the future of news, and about startups and web engineering in general. You can also contact me by email or on LinkedIn.